perhaps there’s a chance you’re destined to be by my side.


|Assasins AU|

"Park Chanyeol is the beloved son of the man who has Shixun. Now here's the plan," Ace says.
"We'll have to lure him in and then we will catch him."

"Sounds easy." D.O says.

"Not at all my friend." Ace laughs. "This man works for N.I.S.O."

Kai smirks as he stretches on the couch like a cat. "That just made things interesting."
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seven devils all around you
seven devils in your house


[ PROLOG ] - Goodbye Summer, Goodbye My Love

Author: chacssi

Main Cast: Chanyeol - Jinri

Genre: Drama, Angst, Comfort

Length: Oneshot

Ost: Goodbye Summer - F(x)

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