Leaving On a Jet Plane by Chantal Kreviazuk

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Oh come on!

Her eyes sparkled staring at the ceiling she hummed softly, turning her head to look at him. Siting up and moved down on his lap. Sulli pecked his lips. “Oppa please~~~.” She whined and shook him lightly cling to him. Chanyeol couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head. “Nope.” He wrapped his arms around her waist. “But Oppa!” She pouted deeply and looked at him, shaking his side.

Chanyeol looked at her and smiled shaking his head quickly and nuzzles his cheek against her. “Mmm.” Sulli looked at him moving her face to stare at him with puppy eyes. Chanyeol laughed and quickly sighs picking her up with him. “Alright fine.” He says and walks to the room, grabbing a couple t shirt, he puts a pink shirt with her face on it and the back, Sulli’s name. Sulli smiled brightly sliding on hers, that had his face and his name in blue.

She smiled brightly and started walking to sm company. Chanyeol couldn’t believe he was doing this, he knew his members were going to make fun of him, and his sunbaes would give him a harder time. He internally killed himself, but he couldn’t help since sulli looked happy that he wore the shirt. Shaking his head, he wrapped her arms around her waist and walks with her. They walk inside, Chanyeol nervous as they head to the dance room. f(x) and exo were getting together to practice their performance for the SM TOUR, having no choice but to see them Chanyeol let go of Sulli when she opened the door.

Sulli greeted them smiling happily as ever and waves. The girls look at sulli and giggle shaking their head but quickly walk over to her and ask about the shirt. While the boys stared at Chanyeol. “You are whip.” Sehun teased and looked at Chanyeol everyone in exo laughing expect Chanyeol. Sulli looked over and smiled wide. “You guys like it right?” She asked looking at the shirt. “I made it !” She says proudly looking at them. They quickly stopped laughing, one thing was for sure, upsetting sulli or making her sad, was a big no. Chanyeol would go in full rage, though it was true sulli had him in the palm of her hand. Chanyeol protected her so much she didn’t even know.

Sending his death glare at the members they all quickly nod together. “yes! Can I have fun I’ll wear it at the concert !” Minseok said quickly smiling. “Oh me too please!” Kai said. Sulli couldn’t help but smile nodding. “Of course!”

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Ending Pages.

Sulli had been looking blankly at her notebook taking down her thoughts waiting for her day to end. She had been fighting with Chanyeol the whole night about stupid false rumors that were going around. It was something that went way out of hand. It had been the second time he heard this rumor and he was tired of it. Jealous built into him that he took it out on her, or anyone that came his way. Chanyeol stopped smiling the whole day and only waited to get to their place. Since they had been dating for two years the decided to move in together.

Two years together and Chanyeol didn’t trust her anymore, Sulli had grown from the cute little girl to the most beautiful and wanted idol out their. Chanyeol was on his way home, slamming the door the second he got inside. Sulli flinched at the sound of the door being slammed his foot steps echoed. She got up and off the bed walking towards him. “Oppa?” She asked as she moved to give him a hug and kiss but only to be rejected. She blinked back away, Chanyeol placed the new paper in front of her. “What the hell is this Jinri ?” He asked her, his tone was cold, filled with anger. Reading the new paper of the dating and cheating scandals. She threw the paper in the ground and looked up at him.

“Do you believe them?” She asked in disbelief. “What else am I suppose to believe ?” He shouts. “It’s been a year that they have said this! Is it real!” He grabbed her wrist shaking and demanding an answer.

Snatching her hand away, she pushed him sightly. “Of course it’s not ! Why would you ask me this!” She shouts at him. “I never did anything for you not to believe me.” She has tears forming as she wipes them quickly. “Sulli-ah what am I suppose to do when this is going around!” He points to the paper. “Why can’t you just tell them it’s not true!”

"you trust me !" She screams, her voice tracking, she never knew she would have to fight for him to believe her. She didn’t under why people would just do the impossible to break them up. "No matter what I say or no matter what I do! People are going to do everything and anything to break us up ! Can’t you see that! They want to end us." She leans against the wall covering her face. "A-and you are letting them!"

Chanyeol had being crying himself, dropping to the floor and his head between his knees. He wanted to trust her, he knew he did. Though after everything that has been going around he even started to believe it himself, was it the end of their novel. Has their smiles finally ended. “I need time.” He said standing up and wiped his tears standing up, and starts walking out the door.

Sulli left their in tears, watching the door close behind him. “..I love you..” She said For the first time.

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in which whenever sulli seems lost with directions, here comes chanyeol oppa for help.

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Please Oppa!

Sulli was wearing a blue button blouse and white pants, fixing her hair behind her eat as she put her sunglasses on. She grabbed her phone and places her sneakers on and walked out of KBS company. She would usually head back to her dorm to relax with her members, but since the news of Chanyeol and Her confirming their relationship last week, they decided to go public together. Since the comeback started at the same time of them confirming their dating scandal. She waited for him outside, waving off the others. She said a simple smile across her lips, that only widen when fans passed her. She waved at them and took a few pictures. Though she had a bodyguard this time with her, they didn’t allow them to take a lot of pictures, leaving sulli with emptiness that she couldn’t please her fans. Though she made her to acknowledge them.

Chanyeol was walking down the sidewalk, having people surrounding them. They knew exactly what was going to happen. New reporters and fans surrounding them. By mistake they had worn kind of the same outfit, white pants and a blue shirt. Sulli only laughed shaking her, she walked up to him meeting him half way. The two kinds of fans screaming, majority of them were the ones the supported their relationship, and the smaller groups was the one that didn’t want them to be together. It didn’t matter what the fans said, because the real ones didn’t care as long as their idols were happy after all. Chanyeol and Jinri were completely happy together.

Though of course SM wouldn’t let them go out together in public if it didn’t benefit them in anyways, making them film their couple life. You know like We Got Married just a little more realistic. They both didn’t really mind since they spent time together and it gave the fans a chance to understand together. Cameras started rolling and Chanyeol took the lead down the sidewalk ; hand in hand with Sulli. They both were having a date at the Han River. Amazingly the fans still followed them, making them both worried. They turned around and Sulli started talking. “You guys should rest, aren’t you tired?” She asked rubbing her neck lightly Chanyeol taking over. “Will just stop here ne?” He says looking around, they were surrounded by small markets.

Sulli nodded and smiles at them and pointed. “Let’s get bubble tea.” She asked as she hugged his arm looking around walking across the street. Chanyeol hummed and looked at her. “Maybe.” He says smiling as they walk inside. “Please Oppa~~.” She used aygeo only for him. It was very rare for the aygeo to come out but when it did, Chanyeol couldn’t help but do as she wants and please her.

Sulli giggled as Chanyeol paid for their drink, kissing his lips gently. Turning she looks at the fan Jaw drop. She was confused until Chanyeol whispered. “It’s the first time you kissed me in public.” Sulli turned pink and shook her head. “This is going to be hard.” She said softly hoping they didn’t take pictures. “Yup.” He smiled and walked to a table and looked at her. “I don’t care. It worth it.”

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